British Actor - Stephen Hope-Wynne. Described as menacing yet vulnerable. Morning Mist - Director: Gaelle Denis, Vauxhall 48 hr challenge - Winner - Jersey Branchage 2010. The Birdcage - Dir: Oleg Loginov.

Memories of Your Devotion - Based on the poem Breakfast by Jacques Prevert

Morning Mist - Short film starring Stephen Hope Wynne and Linda Outhwaite. Directed by Gaelle Denis.

48 Hour film challenge on a weekend off, (Bafta winner) Director and Team, went to jersey and got elected to shoot this fine piece with Lydia Outhwaite and Steve Hope Wynne as 2 Leads Cast. It is due to be shown with all the other Jersey Branchage 48 challenge at London’s Short Film festival in 2010.

The Birdcage - Submitting to festivals 2011

Directed by Oleg Loginov; Starring (real life son) child Actor Joseph Bonetti - Stephen plays the Father to Joseph and opposite (real life partner) Suzanne Bonetti as mother in ‘The Birdcage’ a claustrophobic and intense story of the implosion of a family form the child’s (Joseph Bonetti) perspective.